OX947A Machine Lip Black

The iconic long spoke design with a big lip is what you get with the OX 947 ! Ten slender double spokes which meet an almost 2 " lip give this wheel an outstanding classic look which will uplift the appearance of any car. Available in 18x8, 19x8.5 & 19x9.5" and imported in blanks so we can drill this to any bolt pattern the OX 947 will look great in either of its 3 colour choices, Gloss Black/Machined Lip - Hyper Silver/Machined Lip - Full Gloss Black.
wp947a-19bl03-25p731 (size: 19x8.5)RRP:$379 click for detail
wp947a-19bl1-35p73.1 (size: 19x8.5)RRP:$369 click for detail
wp947a-19bl2-38p73.1 (size: 19x8.5)RRP:$359 click for detail
WP947A-19B02-30P73.1 (size: 19x9.5)RRP:$399 click for detail
wp947a-19bl04-25p73 (size: 19x9.5)RRP:$399 click for detail
WP947A-18B1-40P73.1 (size: 18x8.5)RRP:$289 click for detail
WP947A-18B5-35P73.1 (size: 18x8.5)RRP:$289 click for detail
wp947a-18b04-30p73.1 (size: 18x8.5)RRP:$329 click for detail
WP947A-18B03-35P73.1 (size: 18x8.5)RRP:$289 click for detail
WP947A-18B02-30P73.1 (size: 18x8.5)RRP:$329 click for detail
WP947A-18B01-35P73.1 (size: 18x9.5)RRP:$299 click for detail