OX962 Black Green Face

The OX 962 wheel spoils you for colour choice and enables you to have the same ( or similar) colour wheel to your car. Available sizes are 18" - 19" - 20" and colours such as Blue, Green, Red and Yellow or Full flat black or Gloss black/Machined face are also available. An added bonus of the OX962 wheel is its very high load rating ( 997kg ) so you can be sure its a strong wheel that will take you any-where!. So don't just think its a passenger car wheel but its also an S.U.V wheel that can take some punishment.
WP962-18MBGR0-35P731 (size: 18x8)RRP:$339 click for detail
WP962-18MBGR2-40P731 (size: 18x8)RRP:$329 click for detail
wp962-20mbgr0-35p731 (size: 20x8.5)RRP:$440 click for detail
WP962-19MBGR0-35P731 (size: 19x8)RRP:$379 click for detail